Terms & Conditions

General Conditions

1. These Terms apply to the sale of products published on the Internet at www.gsm-electronic.hr and in catalogs. By using these websites, the Customer of the website www.gsm-electronic.hr / Buyer confirms that he is familiar with and agrees to the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. It is considered that the order fully accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. By using these websites, the User confirms that he is familiar with and agrees to the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Use. The holder of all rights on the website www.gsm-electronic.hr is a trade service provider GSM Electronic (hereinafter referred to as GSM Electronic). 

2. The Terms of Use set out the terms and conditions for Users and refer to the use of the Website www.gsm-electronic.hr. By using the Website, Users declare that they agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use and agree to use the Website in accordance with them. Customers are advised to read these Terms and Conditions before purchasing and check them regularly to ensure they are aware of all rights and obligations. 

3. The right to use the Website is a personal right of the User and may not in any way be transmitted to other natural or legal persons, nor is any user authorized to report to other natural or legal persons. 

4. The contract for the sale of the product between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded at the moment of ordering the product. 

5. The buyer can only be an adult and a capable person. Contracts on behalf of and for the account of minors and persons who are completely incapacitated may be concluded by their legal representatives or guardians, and partially capable persons may conclude the contract only with the consent of their legal representative or guardian. The Seller assumes no responsibility for acting contrary to this provision.

6. The User is personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of passwords where they exist as such. The user is obliged to provide accurate, complete and valid personal information when filling out the registration form. To the contrary, authorizes the Seller to deny such user access or exercise of all or part of the services offered by GSM Electronic. 

7. The User is aware of the occasional discontinuation of services or events beyond the control of GSM Electronic and acknowledges that GSM Electronic is not responsible for any loss of information that may occur during the transmission of information on the Internet. The User agrees and accepts that access to the Website may sometimes be interrupted, temporarily unavailable or disabled.

8. TUO GSM Electronic reserves the right at any time and without prior notice if it deems it necessary, to terminate or modify the content of the General Terms and Conditions, product range, price of the product or the contents of the website www.gsm-electronic.hr. Therefore, Users are obliged to review the contents of the General Terms and Conditions before every use of the website www.gsm-electronic.hr. Failure to do so relieves the Seller of any liability. These changes take effect by posting on www.gsm-electronic.hr. 

9. The use of this website www.gsm-electronic.hr is at the sole responsibility of the User. The Seller is released from all liability for damage that may have occurred while visiting the Website www.gsm-electronic.hr due to unlawful acts of third parties, computer viruses, interruption of communication line, unauthorized access, inappropriate behavior, negligence and the like, and other cases for not responsible for the Seller. The Seller shall be exempt from any liability in the event of circumstances preventing the use of the www.gsm-electronic.hr website. The terms of this chapter apply to the entire contents of the Website www.gsm-electronic.hr.

10. The Seller disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy and / or completeness of all information and content contained on the www.gsm-electronic.hr website. GSM Electronic reserves the right to make any mistake in the description and image of the product as specified by the manufacturer. All content posted on the Website is set up to make it easier for the buyer to make their purchase. We are not responsible for any unintentional errors. 

11. GSM Electronic places all materials, photographs and text on the Website in good faith to facilitate the customer's purchase. GSM Electronic does not guarantee that the photos of the product fully match the appearance of the product itself. We are not responsible for any unintentional errors in the product description. There may be different product and product photos and the product described on this site if the manufacturer changes any of the features or content of the product. All descriptions are regularly and thoroughly checked.

12. The Consumer Protection Act (NN41 / 14, 110/15) shall apply to business conditions. You can see the law at  this link.

13. Craft information:

GSM-electronic, Vl. Dejan Ivičić 
Headquarters: Draškovićeva 35, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia 
Email:  web@gsm-electronic.hr
Tel: 01 / 461-3017

GSM Electronic 
IBAN HR8924020061140044761 

OIB: 90192165467

The meaning of the terms given in these general terms

  • Seller - GSM-electronic 
    Headquarters: Draškovićeva 35, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, OIB: 90192165467
  • www.gsm-electronic.hr  - Website owned by the Seller
  • Buyer - any person who, after reviewing and selecting a product or service, has registered their information and ordered a product or service.
  • User  - any person who uses the website "www.gsm-electronic.hr" for the purpose of purchasing products advertised on the same site or obtaining information about a particular product
  • Use  - access to www.gsm-electronic.hr to obtain information about the content of the same and / or to establish a web store
  • Online Shopping or Web Store - Making a Product Purchase through "www.gsm-electronic.hr"
  • Products - All products featured on "www.gsm-electronic.hr" that can be purchased through the Web Store.

Payment methods

●  Payment at www.gsm-electronic.hr is made in Kuna. Prices are retail, expressed in kuna and include VAT. The price of each product is determined for each product individually. The process of entering a price per page is a highly controlled process, but entering prices requires a human factor and implies the possibility of an error. All prices listed above are valid for purchase online, regardless of the eventual price for the same in-store product.

● The  seller is authorized to change prices without notice, as he is authorized to change prices exclusively for a web shop without notice. The Seller is also entitled to determine at any time, at any time, discounts, daily or weekly actions, actions for each product, group of products and / or for all products. The aforementioned benefits may be exclusive to web shopping, which will be indicated to the buyer prior to the purchase.

●  Notwithstanding the preceding clause of these General Conditions, all goods ordered will be delivered at prices that were valid when making the offer.

Web Store - Conclusion and Termination of Sales Contracts

  • ●  Online purchases can only be made if the buyer registers at the designated site at www.gsm-electronic.hr or without registering all relevant information at the designated site at www.gsm-electronic.hr. When filling out the registration form, the buyer is obliged to provide accurate, valid and complete personal information. These Terms, as well as certain terms of sale indicated with information about specific products, represent GSM Electronic offer for the conclusion of the Agreement, and the user as a buyer accepts the order and confirms the agreement with the General Terms and Conditions, which is considered to be a contract between the buyer and GSM Electronica. the terms of the sale set out in these Terms.
  • ●  The object and commercial purpose of the Agreement is to purchase a selected product or service through the "www.gsm-electronic.hr" Web Store, with the payment of an appropriate fee - the price of that product or service. : online ordering-web shop, printed promotional messages with purchase order, telephones with human mediation.
  • ●  The buyer is authorized to choose the possibility for the Seller to inform him about new products, products in action, etc. (newsletter). After successfully completing the registration (all required information correctly filled in), a notification of successful registration will be sent to the Buyer's e-mail. 
  • The products that can be purchased are advertised on "www.gsm-electronic.hr" and with each product information on the product specification, price is given.
  • ●  Selecting the desired product is made by saving it to the "shopping cart" and clicking on the "Shopping Cart" link. If the Buyer purchases a product that has been sold in the meantime, then the Seller will contact the buyer to agree on a follow-up process (refund, purchase of another product, or delivery of a product of the same type when the Seller obtains it from its suppliers). The Seller, except for the obligation mentioned above, is not liable to the Buyer in the described case on any basis.
  • ●  The "basket" contains all the products that the Buyer has selected for purchase along with the price of the product and the shipping price and the total price (VAT included). Billing "where you need to verify the information provided by the buyer at registration, delivery address, confirm or possibly change the address for delivery of the invoice and the choice of payment method (bank payment, payment with credit). If the invoice is received by a legal entity, the buyer must enter all the required information.
  • ●  After completing the above steps of the Web Store and selecting "Next Step" on the Billing page, the system automatically directs the Customer to the "Order Confirmation" page, which contains information about the order number, payment as well as notification about sending a confirmation email that contains the offer of sale of the selected products and the notification of the e-mail address and telephone number through which the Buyer can obtain all necessary information. 

You can pay for ordered products in the following ways

  • ●  Through bank transfer and general payment via internet banking


    ● I will  cash in on picking up the product with my delivery partner

1. Payment by bank transfer or general payment slip

●  If you choose to make a payment by bank transfer or general money order, a confirmation of your order will be sent to your e-mail address and you will receive a valid payment offer via e-mail (Mon-Fri 9 am - 6 pm). GSM Electronic Internet Store staff will contact you as needed. 

●  Upon receipt of payment, we will send you ordered products. Ordered products are delivered to the customer in accordance with the terms of delivery.

2. I will take cash when picking up the product with the supplier

●  Payment on delivery allows you to settle orders when you deliver them to the specified address, or only when you see the product in front of you. Payment on a shipment is made exclusively in cash to the shipper upon delivery to the specified address. Regardless of whether you have free shipping on the postman, you pay a commission for sending money 3.75% or a minimum of HRK 9.00. Read more on  Posta.hr . In case the consignee is unable to receive the shipment at the defined delivery address at the time of delivery, the shipper leaves a notification of the arrival of the shipment. 


Ordered in-store pickup products can be paid for with cards or cash

  • ●   One-time payment for American Express, Diners, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards 

  • ●  Payment up to 6 installments with American Express cards with a minimum purchase price of HRK 200.00.(minimum installment HRK 100.00)

  • ●  Payment by installments of Visa Inspire and Maestro PBZ cards up to 6 installments with a minimum purchase amount of HRK 200.00. (minimum installment HRK 100.00)


  • ● Cash


1. Delivery

●  Shipping for all orders over HRK 100 purchased at the GSM Electronic Online Store is free of charge for the entire Croatia. Delivery cost for orders less than HRK 100 is HRK 20. 
●  Products paid for in accordance with the submitted offer will be delivered to the Buyer within one to three business days (except for the island, depending on the timetable of the ferry and the Dubrovnik region). Provided that orders are received by 5pm Monday through Friday, counting from the day of payment. 

●  If you want to arrange an appropriate delivery date, this is possible via HP Express at a cost of approximately $ 45k and this is not included in free shipping. Please write this under the NOTE in your order so that they can convey your wish to the delivery service. If you have decided to do so after placing your order then you can use the contact form or  this e-mail.

●  If you decide to purchase, you can choose to deliver or personally download. The goods can also be picked up at our outlet, and the only requirement for a personal pickup is Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm.

2. Delivery process

  • ●  Delivery is made by the Seller (through its employees) or by hiring a reputable delivery (courier) service.
  • ● The  pantry is made through transport companies that provide transport services.
  • ●  Products will be packaged in such a way that they cannot be damaged by normal handling. 
  • ●  When picking up the product, the buyer is obliged to check for any defects and immediately report them to the delivery worker who delivered the goods, or to refuse to take over the consignment showing any external damage. The buyer is obliged to sign the delivery note or invoice when picking up the goods, and the delivery service takes them as a confirmation of the takeover.
  • ●  In cases where the Product is delivered to the Buyer different from the one it has purchased, the latter has the right to deliver the ordered product, and if this is not possible the Buyer has the right to a refund in the amount of the paid product price, shipping costs and reimbursement of the product's return costs. return a wrongly shipped product.
  • ●  In the event that the purchased product is not able to be delivered by the Seller within the specified time limit, it will inform the Buyer thereof in order to agree on a new delivery time. In this case, the Buyer is also entitled to terminate the Agreement.
  • ●  Upon delivery, with the purchased product, the Buyer receives all documents accompanying the product (user manual, warranty card), invoice, and acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment that he is obliged to sign. The signature on the acknowledgment of receipt of the consignment shall be deemed to have been taken over without visible damage to the product.
  • ●  Goods are insured against loss in delivery. The buyer is obliged to sign the delivery note or invoice when picking up the goods, and the delivery service takes them as a confirmation of the takeover.
  • ●  Shipping rates are displayed on "www.gsm-electronic.hr" and include VAT.

3. Order status

●  When processing a shipment, the Customer is notified by mail of the status of his shipment.