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GSM ELECTRONIC  is a team made up of young electronics and retailers. The main objective of our business is to satisfy you with the quality of services and products. In order to satisfy all profiles of our clients in the best possible way and up-to-date, we daily follow technological innovations and current events in the world of mobile technology so that they are always up to date and equipped with new tools and spare parts for your mobile phones in a timely manner.

17 Years of existence says it all, we survived the ups and downs, and in the last year we continue to continue in the newly renovated space, always offering equipment for all the popular latest models and also a service for the older ones as well.

In this Web Shop you can view and order by delivery the latest accessories and accessories for your mobile phone and evaluate it so that other visitors to the web shop have a better insight into our products.

Sales service "  GSM ELECTRONIC  " 
OIB: 90192165467 
Draškovićeva 35 
10000 Zagreb

The is ervis store is  located in Zagreb, Draskovic 35 at the tram stop at the Sheraton Hotel in the direction of Dubrava, where you can personally see and buy items from our offer.


View via Google streetview:  http://www.instantstreetview.com/2khiv5z3pl1rqz3kkzmvz2u

Working hours: 

  • Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. 
  • Saturday and Sunday closed


phone / fax:  01 / 461-3017 
mobile:  091 / 2099-444


HOME WEBSITE:  www.gsm-electronic.hr

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